January 12, 2018

Thunder LB3 2020 Orange Brooks Baro wins ACTE student trophy design contest

by Thunder LB3 Lacrosse in News

January 12, 2018


MARIETTA, GA – Congrats to Thunder LB3 2020 Orange Brooks Baro on creating the winning trophy design for the Annual ACTE Excellence Award. The Excellence Awards celebrates a teacher’s commitment to their students in career and technical education. Brooks’ found out about ACTE student trophy design contest through one of his teachers at McIntosh High School, Mr. Singleton. Another reason that drew him to the contest was that his mother is an educator herself.


“My mother also works as a teacher and that helps me realize how much work it actually is to be a teacher and what you have to do when no students are around. This inspired me and I thought the least I could do was make a trophy to show the appreciation that teachers truly do deserve,” said Brooks.


The design of the trophy represents the idea that teaches touch every life on this planet.




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