Thunder All-Star teams will be an invite-only selection for the top regional and elite players. The Thunder All-stars will have 4-6 training sessions and attend the Apex Summer Invitational which is a great recruiting event. We will offer two teams 2020/21 and 2022/23 teams this event will take place in July in New Jersey.

We are excited about the high-level talent in our program and as we continue to develop players we want to provide the necessary means to allow players to showcase their talent at the top events in the country.

Prior to the tournaments, 2020-2023 Thunder LB3 All-Stars will begin training in May and will convene for the annual Thunder LB3 All-Star training camp in Atlanta in July. Players will practice, train, and bond together under the instruction and guidance of our Elite coaching staff.

Our singular goal is to provide Thunder LB3 All-Star Team members with a truly exceptional and memorable life experience. Our Directors and Coaches will emphasize the whole experience, creating friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. We believe it to be a huge honor to be selected for the Thunder LB3 All-Star Team program and hope that every player chosen to participate will take pride in being part of our growing Thunder LB3 family.

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Bryan Wallace

Program Director



2021 | 2022 | 2023




Date (TBD)

New Jersey

The APEX Summer Invitational is a small, invite-only lacrosse tournament for the top lacrosse club programs in the country. The APEX Summer Invitational will feature teams from all over the county in a 2-day event. Each team will play 3 games on Tuesday, followed by 1 game on Wednesday leading into the playoffs. All teams will be guaranteed 5 games. This format allows for all teams to have a great schedule and evenly-matched games.

On Tuesday evening an All-Star Game will be held under the lights in the Stadium.