Why would I choose Thunder Lacrosse or Atlanta Storm Lacrosse over other Atlanta based lacrosse programs?

As a program founded by coaches, our focus is quality instruction above all else. Our success in tournament play and in helping players get recruited by college coaches is a result of our ability to train lacrosse athletes unlike any other program in the Southeast. With over 150 men’s and women’s lacrosse coaches in our organization, we are able to provide the appropriate instruction for your son or daughter wherever they are in their progression and allow them the opportunity to achieve their personal goals within the program.

What is the difference between Elite and Select lacrosse with the Thunder and Atlanta Storm program

Elite Lacrosse is for boys and girls players who are looking to compete against the top lacrosse teams in North America. Our high school Elite teams travel to prestigious recruiting tournaments while our middle school Elite teams attend highly selective tournaments that help prepare them for the recruiting events in their future. Our boys’ select teams are located throughout Atlanta and are intended to provide emerging players the opportunity to improve under the instruction of experienced coaches who follow the same curriculum used by our Elite teams.

What is The Warehouse?

The Warehouse is our 7500 square foot indoor facility where our talented group of instructors provides individual and small group training for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels.

Can I participate in the clinics, camps and Warehouse training if I don’t play on a Thunder or Atlanta Storm team?

Absolutely. Almost all of our instructional offerings are open to players both in and out of our team programs. Our mission is to help create better lacrosse players without any bias toward where they choose to play travel, high school, feeder or rec lacrosse.


When are tryouts?

We select our Thunder and Atlanta Storm Elite teams in August of each year. Our Select teams are chosen later in the summer. The Thunder National tryouts are held in January. Check the tryouts page periodically for updates.

What is the cost? When would my son practice? What tournaments would my son/daughter’s team play in? Who would be my son/daughter’s coach for this year?

All of these questions are addressed within the Thunder pages of the website. Please refer to the appropriate program page for more information.

How can we participate if we don’t live in Atlanta?

Many of our skill development clinics and warehouse training sessions are scheduled during the weekend and may fit into your vacation or travel schedule. Additionally, our National Teams’ rosters include players from across the country. Please email us at info@thunderlb3lacrosse.com and we’ll contact you with information on how to be considered for admission to the program.

What is the refund policy?
By registering with a Thunder or Atlanta Storm lacrosse team families acknowledge which states:
Once a player registers and places a deposit to be added to the roster of a Thunder or Storm Lacrosse team, they have made a commitment to the program for the duration of the season.  Players are expected to participate in all practices and tournaments (unless prior approval has been granted) and to make payment for all fees associated with their registration.  Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis, but by completing this registration the participant hereby waives all rights to a refund.
Registrants accept that Thunder Lacrosse and Atlanta Storm Lacrosse reserve the right to reassign players between Blue, Orange and White Elite teams between the fall and summer seasons. 
Registrants accept that Thunder Lacrosse and Atlanta Storm Lacrosse reserve the right to reassign players between Regional programs as needed to fill out rosters for tournament play, though they may attend practices with the Regional team most convenient to the Registrant.
What is expected of us once we join the program?
By registering with a Thunder or Atlanta Storm lacrosse team families acknowledge which states:
(3) Code of Conduct
Players and parents are to conduct themselves in a manner that “Honors the Game” and demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, officials and spectators. It is required that those individuals associated with Thunder and Atlanta Storm Lacrosse conduct themselves in a manner that reflects a positive image and will bring credit to the sport of lacrosse, themselves, and the Thunder/Atlanta Storm program. 
As a player, I understand that I must follow these rules to stay in good standing:
  • Respect the game, play fairly and follow its rules and regulations and show respect for authority.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during and after all games, practices or related activities.
  • Be courteous and respectful to opposing teams, players, coaches and the officials. 
  • Be on your best behavior at team hotels and restaurants while traveling.
  • Refrain from the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and abusive language.
  • Abstain from using social media that in any way that may reflect negatively on the program, including making degrading comments about teammates, coaches, opponents, officials or other lacrosse programs. In addition to our club monitoring social media, college coaches are potentially watching so players should act accordingly.
  • Attend all practices not conflicted by a prior commitment and all tournaments/games you committed to upon registration.
As a parent, I agree to abide by the following:
  • Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, fans and officials at games and practices.
  • Encourage my child to play by the rules and respect the rights of players, coaches, fans and officials.
  • Agree to allow the coaches to instruct my child during game and practice situations and not interfere by offering additional instruction from the sidelines or give my child instructions counter to those of the coach. Unless asked for their assistance, parents are to stand on the opposite sideline during games and  outside of the field space during practice.
  • Recognize that coaches are willing to discuss only my child or the coaching philosophies, but agree that discussions will take place at the appropriate time and place and never during or directly after a game or practice or in the presence of any players.
  • Ensure my child attends all practices not conflicted by a prior commitment and all tournaments/games they committed to upon registration.
How do I register my son for lessons?

Visit our warehouse section on the website and follow directions from there.

Are private 1 on 1 lessons available?

No, All sessions are small group lessons. Offensive and Defensive lessons are maxed at 6 players, Midfielders at 8 players and Goalies at 4 players.

I can't see a time come up on the Upper Hand app but it is in the Marketing section, can I still sign up for this lesson?

When a time disappears, this means the lesson is Full.

I scheduled a lesson but need to cancel, how do I do this?

Go into the Upper Hand App and cancel your lesson. This must be done 12 hours before your lesson.

What does my son need to bring?

Full gear bag, lacrosse stick, and athletic shoes (no cleats). Most lessons will be helmet and gloves only.

Are Bulk packages available?

Yes 1 lesson for $75, 5 lessons for $275, 10 lessons for $500 and 20 lessons for $900. Unused lessons will not expire.

Will there be a National team again? Who can play on that team? Where are they going?

Yes, there will be a National Team. Anyone from the Elite and Select teams can tryout for the National Team. The high school teams will attend the Naptown Challenge in Annapolis, MD in July.

Will there be a Youth National team?

Yes, we will have youth national teams that will be selected and play in one event in July consisting of the best players from all the regional teams. That event is TBD.

My son is hurt and cannot play during the scheduled tryouts. He played for Thunder last year. What will happen to him?

Please register for the Elite tryout and email Rick Lewis at rick@thunderlb3lacrosse.com to explain that your son will miss the tryouts. Once cleared by the doctor, we will set up an individual tryout for placement. We will have a spot for him on an Elite or Select team.

My son cannot make Saturday and/or Sunday of tryouts. What should I do?

Please register for the Elite tryout and email Rick Lewis at rick@thunderlb3lacrosse.com and include your son’s name, graduation year, and the date(s) he will miss. We will make every opportunity to provide a thorough and fair evaluation on the date(s) he can attend.

My son is not able to make the callback tryout. In the event that he is invited back, how will this be handled?

We will use evaluation notes from the first set of tryouts for placement.

What is the callback protocol? If a player gets called back does that mean he made one of the two teams?

Players will be notified if they are invited to the callback. A call back invitation does not guarantee placement on the blue or orange teams.

For those being cut from Elite tryouts, how does the Select tryouts work? How do I register?

Those cut from the Elite program will be provided instructions to register for the Select tryout. Some players will receive a link to register for Select based on their performance at the Elite tryout.

Are the Blue and Orange teams already selected?

Tryouts are held in early August and invitations will go out soon thereafter.

Is the Blue team the better team?

The Blue team is the top team, however both Elite teams will be very competitive and represent the best players in each class.

If my son is on the Orange team, can he move up?

Yes. We will use the fall as an evaluation period for our summer teams. After the fall season our staff will evaluate each player based on level of commitment and performance on field. We reserve the right to move players between teams after the fall season.

If my son is on the Blue team, can he be moved down?

Yes. We will use the fall as an evaluation period for our summer teams. After the fall season our staff will evaluate each player to assess level of commitment and performance on the field. If a player is not meeting expectations, we reserve the right to move a player down to the Orange team.

Does everyone make the team?

Thunder Select is a select level local travel club team. Tryouts are held for all teams and cuts are made for these teams.

Does Thunder Select interfere with other sports?

The Select program is set up with a 6-week program in the fall and summer allows for players to choose to play in the fall season, summer season or in our yearly program.

How many players on each roster?

Our Thunder Select teams will have 22 players per roster.

If my son doesn't make the Elite Team is he guaranteed a spot in the Select Team?

Elite tryouts don't guarantee a Select roster spot. All players need to tryout for all teams. You will not be charged extra tryout fee if you tried out for the Elite program.

Is there any chance my son can be moved to an Elite Team during the year?

Our club looks to promote players from within the program, if spots open up within the Elite program a tryout will be held to fill that roster spot.

What is the cost of the Thunder Select program?

The yearly cost ranges based on graduation year. We offer yearly pricing with payment plans as well as seasonal pricing.

How many tournaments will we play in?

We will play 2 fall local tournaments, and 3 summer tournaments 2 local and 1 regional (out of state).

How does my son get selected for the All-Star Team?

Selections for the All-Star teams will be based on performances in both the select and elite teams. Coaches will evaluate players during the fall and summer.

What is different about the All-Star team than the National Team?

The All-Star teams are made up of Atlanta only players, our National teams are made of up players from around the country.

What event will the All-Star Teams Attend and when is it?

The All-Star Teams will play in the Apex Invitational Recruiting Event in early July in New Jersey.

What grad years will make up the All-Star Teams?

We will have 2020/21 and 2022 Teams offered for Thunder All-Stars.

Will the All Star Team practice?

Yes, Thunder All-Stars will have 5/6 practices before heading up to the event.

What is the cost of All-Star Team?

The cost of the All-Star team is $625.00